Estate planning

We’re sorry to say this, but, some day (hopefully not too soon) we’re all going to die. It’ll be a difficult time for our families. But they’ll be even more troubled if we’ve left them with a financial mess to sort out too.
But it is possible, with a bit of planning, to make sure that everything’s sorted long beforehand. And by thinking about it well in advance you could be making sure that more of your hard earned money goes to the people you love rather than the tax man.

We can:

  • Make sure you fully use exemptions and lower tax rates for some issues
  • Make the most of lifetime transfers between spouses
  • Transfer agricultural or business property
  • Make sure you have enough life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax your family might have to pay

Give us a call or drop us an email now. We can talk through making the best plans for the future.