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If you have exciting plans for your business, we’re here to help

You know what you want to achieve professionally and have the drive, experience and know-how you need to get there. But when it comes to your business accounts… Well, it can sometimes feel as if the system has been designed to confuse and frustrate. This is where PBA comes in with advice that will make you feel like an expert.

Total confidence in your bookkeeping and accounts.

Support during business startup and as your firm grows.

Put yourself in control of your tax position.

Expertise in your sector


From research and development (R&D) tax relief to corporate finance, we love finding ways to support the growth of businesses that literally make Britain great.


If your business is development, building or specialist subcontracting, we advise on the construction industry scheme (CIS), the VAT reverse charge and more.

Technology & IT

Innovative startups and established tech businesses alike benefit from our advice on R&D tax credits and business planning, as well as core services such as payroll.

Business owners with exciting plans – we’ve got you covered


From bookkeeping to management reports, it’s about information to support smart decisions   


Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to – someone with experience who can give you a steer   


From timely, accurate tax returns to strategic tax advice that will help you reinvest in the business   

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To stay ahead,
stay informed

Dates & deadlines

Reminders of important dates in the filing calendar  

Business news

One key bit of info every day, from tax to the economy   

We’ll take on as much as you need to make space to do your thing

Some clients just want a helping hand with tax returns. Others rely on us to manage their finance functions as a whole, from running payroll to managing mergers and acquisitions. You know where you’re headed – let’s work out together how much support you need to get there.

Share the load

The energy and ambition of the business owners we work with never ceases to amaze us but everyone needs a helping hand and sympathetic ear.

We’ve got your back

When we’re on your side, we’re really on your side. It’s never about doing the bare minimum or ticking boxes – we want our clients to soar.

Real results

We’re accountants – of course we’re obsessed with return on investment. Our work pays for itself in saved time and, of course, lower tax bills.

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