Exit strategy

Exit strategy: Planning today for success tomorrow

Developing an effective exit strategy for your company isn’t just something to do when you want to sell – decisions you make to create a more saleable business stand to benefit you while you’re still at the helm too.

We help business owners create a comprehensive exit strategy to put them in the best possible position to get the price they want and to keep the business thriving through the transfer of ownership.

Our support includes: 

  • Identifying and targeting the right kind of buy, whether it’s a family member, management buyout or a competitor
  • Developing a timeline for your involvement before, during and after the sale, even if you ARE the business
  • Getting up to date for buyer scrutiny of at least two years of accounts and ensuring you’re maximising profitability
  • Maximising the value of what you have by advising on trademark protections, intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Support on business valuations so you know what you should be aiming for in negotiations  

The most important thing to remember is that getting advice early in the process is going to be critical to your success, so get in touch today for a chat about how we might be able to help you.

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