About us

Don’t be put off by this but...we’re accountants.

We’re accountants - and good ones too. We do all the things you expect accountants to do…like tax, accounts and all the rest.  But we like to think we’re a little more than just accountants.

At PBA, we’re your business partners. We’re straight talking and we don’t hide behind confusing words or jargon. And we like to do business with a smile on our face.

We’re normal people, with years of experience between us, who know a lot about how to make businesses tick.

We take your business seriously. But we try to make sure working with us is a good experience, not one of grimace and pain…we’re not dentists after all.

We’ve helped businesses grow in many different ways. And we’ll do our very best for your business too.

We’re accountants. We like making money. But we’re happy when it’s yours and not ours.

Just give us a call or send us an email if you’d like to talk through what we can do for your business.